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Precision LED light therapy to tackle blemishes, wrinkles, inflammation, and more.

  • Red and near-infrared light boosts collagen and soothes skin
  • Blue light clears away acne and blemishes
  • Paired with concentrated Hydrocolloid Patches for a more powerful spot treatment
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Women's Health Skincare Awards 2021
NewBeauty Award Winner 2023
Women's Health Skincare Awards 2021
NewBeauty Award Winner 2023

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Safe & effective

Engineered using Omnilux's proprietary medical technology, our Mini LED devices harness the power of red, near-infrared and blue light to naturally improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Superior spot treatments

Each Mini device is equipped with medical-grade LEDs and paired with skincare-infused Hydrocolloid Patches. This advanced combination revolutionizes traditional spot treatments for significantly better results.


"I’m a huge believer in using LED light therapy on patients who are looking to address various skin concerns. The Omnilux Mini devices are total game changers! Now you can easily target specific problem areas, whether it's a single acne spot or fine lines around the eye."
- Dr. Jared Jagdeo, MD

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What's your skin goal?

Use this guide to find the right Mini device for you.

"I want to de-puff, brighten, and firm the under eye area."

The Eye Brightener uses red and near-infrared light to diminish fine lines, reduce eye bags, and brighten dark circles for younger-looking skin.


"I want a supercharged pimple patch to clear breakouts."

The Blemish Eraser uses blue and red light to kill acne causing bacteria while simultaneously calming redness and inflammation associated with breakouts.


"I want to reduce the look of age spots and improve skin tone."

The Skin Corrector uses red and near-infrared light to boost collagen and reduce the appearance of pigmentation for a more rejuvenated complexion.


What's included with your Mini

Each Mini LED device includes specially-formulated Hydrocolloid Patches that deliver extra skincare benefits during your treatment. The double-sided adhesive material keeps your Mini in place on your skin to ensure a completely hands-free experience.

Key ingredients:

  • Eye Brightener Hydrocolloid: Amino acid-rich peptides to firm and hydrate + niacinamide to brighten dark circles
  • Blemish Eraser Hydrocolloid: Salicylic acid to clear blocked pores + green tea antioxidants to help soothe irritated skin
  • Skin Corrector Hydrocolloid: Vitamin C to brighten skin tone + azelaic acid to reduce the appearance of dark spots

How to use:

Unlock your best skin with three to five 10-minute treatments per week.

1. Charge the device by using the supplied charging cable.

2. Peel back the ingredient-rich Hydrocolloid Patch adhesive side 1 (marked with a device icon) and adhere to the device.

3. Peel back adhesive side 2 (marked with a face icon) and place the device on the treatment area.

4. Press and hold the button to activate the skin-enhancing power of your Mini.

Frequently asked questions

How do the Mini devices work?

The Mini devices use clinically proven wavelengths of light (red, near-infrared, and blue) and optimized light energy output to work at a cellular level to stimulate new collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and acne.

The red wavelength (633nm) reduces inflammation, pigmentation, and redness and helps prompt cellular repair and circulation for a more vibrant complexion. The red wavelength can be found in the Skin Corrector, Eye Brightener, and Blemish Eraser devices.

The near-infrared wavelength (830nm) targets deeper fibroblast cells, stimulating new collagen and elastin production, resulting in plumper, firmer, more youthful looking skin. The red wavelength can be found in the Skin Corrector and Eye Brightener devices.

The blue wavelength (415nm) eliminates bacteria on the surface of the skin to neutralize acne flare ups. The blue wavelength can be found in the Blemish Eraser device.

How do the Mini devices differ from each other?

The Omnilux Mini Skin Corrector and Eye Brightener use red and near-infrared light to reduce fine line, wrinkles, and improve overall skin tone. They are shaped differently for different parts of your face.

The Eye Brightener is shaped like a crescent to fit under and around the eye area, the Skin corrector is round to target areas like your cheek or your forehead.

The Blemish Eraser device uses red and blue light to treat acne breakouts. Although all Mini devices have red light, the light is used in combination with other wavelengths (near-infrared and blue) to target two completely different skin concerns.

Each Mini's corresponding Hydrocolloid Patches contain skincare ingredients specific to the device's treatment application (ie, salicylic acid for blemishes and amino acid-rich peptides for reducing fine lines and wrinkles).

What are the Hydrocolloid Patches?

The Hydrocolloid Patches are infused with active rich ingredients specific to the device's treatment application (ie, salicylic acid for blemishes and amino acid-rich peptides for reducing fine lines and wrinkles). The Hydrocolloid Patches are sticky on both sides and adhere the Mini device to your skin for a hands-free treatment.​​​​​​​

Please note: The Hydrocolloid Patches are single-use (refills are available).

What is the recommended treatment regimen?

We recommend using the Eye Brightener and Skin Corrector devices for 3-5 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks followed by maintenance as desired.

We recommend using the Blemish Eraser device for 4 treatments per week until the blemish subsides, or for 6 weeks if treating recurring acne.

How do I get 15% off?

When you Subscribe & Save, you will receive 15% off your Mini device and 15% off the recurring shipments of Hydrocolloid Patches to ensure you never miss a treatment.

If I subscribe to save 15%, how does it work?

If you choose to “Subscribe & Save” (versus making a one-time purchase), your order will be set up to renew on a recurring basis. Please select your desired subscription interval (4, 6 or 8 weeks) to select how often you’d like to receive your product(s).

*Please note: When you “Subscribe & Save” on any Omnilux Mini product, you will receive the Hydrocolloid Patch Refills for your specific device(s) on a recurring basis. The device is not a recurring shipment.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

No. We want our customers to be confident with their purchases. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your product, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


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Love It

After a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed that my under-eye bags and discoloration had greatly improved. My husband who was skeptical even pointed out that he noticed my skin was glowing!


Verified buyer

Very Clever Product!

Has aided with soften around eye area and am very pleased. Look less tired and more alert. The lines around eyes seem decreased and noticed lotion goes on smoother. Pleased!

Charles S.

Verified buyer

Really Impressed With The Results So Far

I have been using the skin corrector for a few weeks now and so far I am loving how my skin feels more plump and refreshed. I’ve also noticed some fine lines have been disappearing. I’m hoping for more of the age spots to diminish in the next few weeks. I want another one! Thank you.

Keely K

Verified buyer

SO GOOD For Random Pimples

I could feel a painful pimple coming a couple days before Thanksgiving and the Blemish Eraser got rid of it in less than 2 days and I had zero sign of any breakout during the holiday. I'm not joking when I say this little device packs a punch. thanks Omnilux for another great product!


Verified buyer

Acne Relief

I started using the Mini on my forehead and I have noticed immediate decrease in redness and swelling. I use it 3 times per week.

Isabel H.

Verified buyer

Totally Worth It

I love LOVE love my Omnilux Mini Skin Corrector! I've been using it religiously for about 2.5 months. I have rosacea that flares up with certain triggers... ever since beginning this light therapy my face doesn't get red like it used to! It's truly a Godsend and I love it so much. Besides reduced redness I feel like my skin also has such a radiant healthy glow overall.


Verified buyer

LED Mask

Absolutely amazing!! I can’t wait to invest in the full face mask!! Best money I’ve ever spent!!

Tyria H.

Verified buyer

6 reasons to choose

Medical-grade LEDs to target anti-aging and acne concerns

Penetrates deep below the skin barrier to repair cells

Active-rich patches + LED combo for superior results

FDA-cleared + CE-certified

Supported by 20+ years of brand research

2 year warranty

Traditional Spot Treatments

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