LED Light Therapy

The science behind the beauty

The use of LED's (Light Emitting Diode) is well-established in anti-aging therapy as well as a wide variety of skin conditions. It’s commonly used by dermatologists and aestheticians as an in-office treatment because of its ability to promote skin recovery and healing.

Omnilux products combine clinically proven wavelengths of light with optimized energy levels in a process called LED phototherapy.   

Here’s How it Works:

When you use an Omnilux Contour product, the LEDs emit light into your skin.

Light photons of specific wavelengths are absorbed by cell components,
particularly the mitochondria, triggering a cascade of biochemical reactions.

Visible red and near infrared light is absorbed into the skin and dermis 

Mitochondria (the cell's "battery") absorb the light and convert it to energy for cellular activity

Increased cellular activity produces a cascade of reactions called "secondary reactions" 

Secondary reactions include the increased production of collagen (called collagenisis) and elastin

New collagen forms within the dermis, resulting in plumper, smoother and more radiant skin

The results are visibly smoother, firmer skin, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, a more even skin tone and less pigmentation.

Before Omnilux Contour:  
pronounced redness, pigmentation, and rough skin surface 

After 4 weeks of Omnilux Contour:
reduction of redness and pigmentation, smoother and brighter skin

The Treatment is Painless & Safe for All Skin Types

LED therapy does not contain any harmful UV wavelengths; it does not create heat or thermal damage to the skin.

Two Clinically Proven Wavelengths for Optimal Results

Each wavelength, or color of light stimulates a specific skin response:

• Red reduces inflammation and redness and helps prompt cellular repair and circulation, for a plumper, more vibrant complexion.

• Near infra-red Targets deeper fibroblast cells, stimulating collagen and elastin production, and reducing the visible signs of aging.

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