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Red Light Therapy on the Red Carpet

Omnilux is no stranger to the stars, and this year we were honored to prep some of Hollywood's biggest names for their red carpet, and award-winning, moments at the Emmy Awards!

Master aesthetician and celebrity go-to, Sarah Akram, shared why she chooses Omnilux to get her A-list clients awards-ready, revealed tips for preventing early aging, and gave us an exclusive look into who enjoyed the best in LED before this year's show.

Q. For someone that wants carpet-ready skin, what are your top 3 must-haves?
Akram: To me, red carpet ready skin means ultimate radiance! My top 3 must-haves to achieve the most radiant and vibrant complexion are:

1.) Omnilux Contour Face paired with the Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté, applied on bare skin to bring out that healthy glow and to plump and rejuvenate the skin.

2.) Masque PIGM 400 from Biologique Recherche, an oh-so-elegant sheet mask loaded with brightening ingredients.

3.) Auteur’s Definitive Lifting Toner is a magical elixir that I like to spritz onto the skin to seal the deal and lock everything in. It hydrates, lifts, and firms the skin while restoring radiance.

Q. We're eager to know! Who did you prep with Omnilux for this year's Emmy's?
Akram: I used Omnilux on Mindy Kaling (pictured below!), Quinta Brunson (winner), Sheryl Lee Ralph (winner), Angela Basset, Kate Walsh, Lili Reinhart, and Rebecca Rittenhouse.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling
Q. Why is it important to start caring for your skin early with preventative products and treatments?
Akram: The key word here is “prevention”. I tell all my new clients that great skin comes with three simple steps: (1) begin using high quality skin care products with (2) effective at-home devices (like Omnilux) and (3) get professional facials every 4-6 weeks with a trusted esthetician - it's that simple and you'll be on the path to better skin outcomes and results. The prevention of fine lines and wrinkles is the ultimate goal with these three steps because treating a wrinkle is a lot more difficult than preventing it.

Q. What's important when looking for an LED device you can also use at home?
Akram: The quality and effectiveness of the LEDs, as well as comfort and portability/mobility (ie, being able to multitask while wearing the device at home). For acne sufferers, finding a device that has red and blue lights is KEY for reducing bacteria and inflammation - I am so glad Omnilux has developed their Clear mask as it uses a combination of blue and red light and is perfect for folks with acne-prone skin.

Q. What is an area often neglected when it comes to skincare? How do you address this in your treatments?
Akram: A common area that most people often neglect when it comes to skincare is their neck and décolleté. In a professional treatment, estheticians treat the clients face, neck and décolleté all as one area (we usually use the same products, methods and steps mentioned above.) What has been a challenge is finding a device to treat the neck and décolleté beyond a sheet mask, which is why the Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté unit is so unique! It helps my clients continue to treat their skin outside of my treatment room which is so great - my clients love it.

Q. With so many LED devices on the market today, how did you come to choose Omnilux for you/your clients?
Akram: Omnilux offers a range of LED products that target different areas of concern. I find clients love optionality, so having devices that independently focus on the face, neck/décolleté, or hands in my opinion is a differentiator. This is essential for catering to each of my clients’ individual skin care needs and concerns. Additionally, the extensive studies backing Omnilux’s technology, the LED array, and having a red & blue light option for acne enhances my clients’ experience so it really was a no brainer.

Q. If you could give one piece of skincare advice, what would it be?
Akram: My whole skincare philosophy is focused on non-invasive facial techniques, technologies and products that are then paired with at-home products/devices to extend skincare improvements beyond my treatment room. I think there is a clear path to effective skincare outcomes and results without needles or lasers. LED light therapy plays a leading role in this philosophy and I regularly incorporate LED light therapy in my facial treatments based on the clients exact skincare needs. Educating my clients about effective at-home skin care products and devices such as the line of Omnilux LED products and the importance of extending their use beyond my treatment room will result in (what I like to call) "cumulative skin improvement".

Q. Are there any skincare or beauty products or ingredients you stay away from? Why?
Akram: As always, ensure that you’re using quality made products with quality sourced ingredients or materials. Using well-made products suitable for your skin type will avoid contributing to your skin concerns and making things worse. Not everyone has the same skin, so keep in mind that just because a certain product or ingredient is not tolerable by one person, this might work for someone else with a different skin type! Just because certain ingredients didn’t work for you specifically, doesn’t make them bad ingredients. Seek expert advice from someone who is well-versed before splurging - every time I get this question my response is "come in and let me look at your skin" - it's free and I encourage people to take advantage of it.

Q. As a master aesthetician, what are two things you would never do?
Akram: As cliché as this might sound, I still cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding the following:

1.) Picking at skin: picking at a blemish or extracting unprepped skin is ALWAYS going to cause more conflict. You’re creating a wound as well as another problem to deal with once the wound has healed, such as a pigmentation spot or even worse, a scar.

2.) Not wearing sunscreen: this is something I know everyone hears repeated quite often, but STILL not enough people are wearing it. And it’s not just that - a lot of people are not wearing ENOUGH sunscreen. Sunscreen should be liberally applied.


As a board licensed Master Esthetician, Sarah Akram is one of the most sought after skincare specialists on the East Coast. With a roster of loyal A-list clients, Sarah was able to build a successful business in both New York City and Washington, D.C., where she was born and raised. 

Fortunate to have been mentored by world-renowned skincare experts early in her career, Sarah is thrilled to offer the most effective, cutting-edge skincare at her boutique. With a team of highly skilled Master Estheticians, and exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s best product lines, Sarah delivers an all-natural path to anti-aging skincare. 
You can find Sarah on social at @sarahakramskincare or at

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