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Omnilux: The Safe Choice for Your Skin

We know you don't take your skin's health lightly - and neither do we! Safety has always been our priority in creating the industry’s leading home LED light therapy devices. Our devices are medical-grade, FDA-cleared, CE-certified, and TGA-approved, with extensive clinical research to support their safety and effectiveness.

As our product offerings continue to innovate and grow, so does our clinical bibliography! In this blog we are excited to unpack our safety standards and share two new clinical studies. Spoiler alert: If you weren’t already convinced of our LED light therapy devices, we’re sure you’ll be on board by the end of this article.

Omnilux LED Light Therapy: Complete Safety Overview

Wavelength Tolerances (and Why They Matter for Your Skin)

In LED light therapy, it’s all about the wavelength. Only certain wavelengths are proven safe and effective to enhance the skin.

All Omnilux devices comply with standards from the FDA (along with other international regulatory agencies) for wavelength specification and output. To meet these standards, our devices, including their wavelength tolerance, must undergo rigorous testing for accuracy and safety.

Wavelength tolerance is the distribution of energy at the specified wavelength. Essentially, in testing a device’s wavelength tolerance, we can ensure that it emits the precise amount of energy to safely address specific skin concerns. As an agency-cleared device, Omnilux masks have tighter wavelength tolerances than many other LED light therapy devices on the market.

With tighter tolerances, our light wavelengths are precise and confirmed to be within the safe, effective range.

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research

Did you know that Omnilux technology has more peer-reviewed clinical studies than any other LED mask on the market?

Let’s break out the receipts!

Our peer-reviewed study of the Omnilux Men device found that after using the device 3 to 5 times weekly for 6 weeks, digital skin analysis revealed a significant improvement in wrinkles, pore size, UV spots, brown spots, and porphyrin (pigment) levels. Minimal side effects and no severe adverse effects were reported.

Clinical research on the Omnilux Contour device found that after using the device 3 times per week for 4 weeks:

  • 98% of participants agreed that their skin felt firmer
  • 96% of participants agreed that their fine lines appeared less visible
  • 95% of participants agreed that their skin was brighter and plumper


Our Latest Studies for Skin Safety

Two new studies published in the Journal of Biophotonics report that Omnilux red light and near-infrared light therapy don’t cause DNA damage in the skin’s fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are a type of cell that produces collagen and other connective tissue, playing an essential role in skin healing. In other words, if you want strong, resilient skin, fibroblasts are your new BFF!

These studies confirm that red light and near-infrared light therapy from Omnilux are safe for your fibroblasts, posing no risk of DNA damage. On the contrary, our masks stimulate the skin’s repair process, ramp up collagen and elastin production, and soothe inflammation.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe for Your Eyes?


This is a question we receive often. When you opt for Omnilux, the answer is yes!

Eye safety is a key part of our masks’ rigorous safety testing requirements. While some people experience light sensitivity after their LED light therapy sessions, our masks have been deemed safe for your eyes by international regulatory agencies’ certified testing houses. Plus, our masks sit closely against your skin, minimizing direct contact between the light and your eyes.

Meet Our Scientific Advisory Board

As Omnilux continues to expand, we want to keep safety, innovation, and efficacy at the forefront. Our world-class Scientific Advisory Board allows us to do just that.

This board consists of leading experts in dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and LED light therapy. These pros advise us throughout scientific trials while serving as an invaluable resource for our community, answering pressing questions about skin health, wellness, and best practices.

So, when it comes to safety in our LED light therapy masks, you don’t just have to take us at our word. We have the science, the research, and the experts to back each claim up.

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