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Safety Pt 1: Is At-Home LED Light Therapy Safe? Here's What You Need To Know.

Did you know that most LED devices on the market today have no clinical data proving their safety or efficacy? Eek! As the world leader in medical-grade LED light therapy since 2003, it's safe to say (pun intended) that we know a thing or two about the subject. With over 40 peer-reviewed clinical studies and twenty years' experience, our LED technology has been proven very safe and effective with no adverse effects, downtime, or pain. Our devices generate no heat or UV light and are safe for all skin types.

While LED light therapy is a safe and natural treatment, not all LED devices are created equal. When looking for an LED device, it's important to not only determine its effectiveness by assessing the quality and types of LEDs used, the light strength and concentration, the output energy and wavelength consistency, but to also ensure the device has been properly tested and cleared by the FDA. Our Omnilux team has taken care of all the heavy lifting to ensure that our Contour and CLEAR products conform to all US and international testing standards for safety (eye safety, we didn’t forget you). All Omnilux devices are FDA-cleared and TGA-approved (we see you, Australia!) for their intended applications.

We know there can be a lot of questions about LED devices, so we asked our customer service team to compile the most common ones we get.

Here are your most-asked Q’s, answered.

Is it actually safe for the eyes?

Yes! Contour and CLEAR are very safe for the eyes and do not require eye protection. Because more people are sensitive to blue light, we've included built-in eyewear with CLEAR for comfort. All of our devices have been tested and conform to medical device standards including IEC/EN 62471 Photobiological eye safety standard. However, if you suffer from a photosensitive disorder, light-induced headaches or any genetic conditions of the eye we do not recommend using.


Can I use Omnilux LED devices if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our products have not been studied in pregnant or breastfeeding women so we advise against using it during this special time, unless approved by your personal doctor. 


Is it safe for my teenager?

Omnilux Contour light therapy is recommended for use by those 21+ years of age and the CLEAR device is recommended for use by those 14+ years of age.


Is it safe to use with Retinol or Retin A?

Cosmetics or skincare products containing retinol may be used with the Omnilux devices if there are no precautions in relation to exposure to light. For users taking prescriptive levels of Retin A such as Tretinoin we do not recommend the use of light devices as there is a chance of having a reaction. Retin A should be discontinued for at least five days before performing light therapy treatments. Those using cosmetics or skincare products containing retinol should read the skincare instructions carefully for warnings and precautions in relation to exposure to light.


Will it make my psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea worse?

There are studies that show red and near-infrared light therapy may be effective in reducing redness & inflammation and improving overall skin tone due to rosacea, psoriasis and eczema flare ups. Enter: instant relief – literally. However, Omnilux Contour has not been tested specifically for these skin conditions. It's always a good idea to speak with your dermatologist and reference our list of contraindications before use.


Am I able to use LED light therapy with Botox or fillers?

Yes, in fact red and near–infrared LED light can assist with bruising you may experience after fillers. Studies have even shown that users felt their Botox treatment lasted longer when combined with light therapy. Omnilux Contour light-therapy treatments are complimentary to Botox or filler treatments and your results may be enhanced.

Pro Tip: use your device before AND after injections for better results and accelerated healing time. You’ll thank us later.


Is it safe to use every day?

It is safe to use your Omnilux Contour device every day, however we recommend 3-5 days per week for optimal results. For CLEAR, we recommend a course of 4 10-minute treatments per week for 6 weeks. Once the initial series is complete, use Omnilux CLEAR at the earliest signs of a breakout - we do not recommend the use of CLEAR every day.

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