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Help Center

Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omnilux Contour?

How does it work?

Is it safe?

What is the treatment regimen?

Can I use Omnilux Contour with my current skincare products?

Do I need eye protection with the Omnilux Contour FACE mask?

Is there a quick start guide?

How does Contour compare to the Omnilux Medical professional system?

Can I use Contour while moving around or do I have to remain plugged into a wall outlet while using it?

Can I use it more frequently than the 2-3x per week in your User Guide?

How many LEDs does Contour have?

What does LED light therapy do?

Does LED light therapy actually work?

How long does it take LED light therapy to work?

What is the best LED light therapy for me?

Do LED light masks really work?

What does an LED mask do for your face?

Can I use an LED mask every day

What does red LED light do for skin?

What are the benefits of red light therapy?

What does infrared LED light do for skin?

What are the benefits of infrared light therapy?

Are light therapy masks safe?

Will light therapy increase pigmentation or exacerbate melasma?

Will this help with psoriasis, rosacea or eczema?

Is light therapy safe to use with Retinol or RetinA?

What is the Hydrogel mask?

How do I use the Hydrogel mask?

What are the ingredients in the Hydrogel mask?

How do I charge my Omnilux device?

Do you ship internationally?

Can I use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Should I use any serum or creme or other skincare products underneath the Contour light therapy devices?