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Omnilux™ Reimagined

Omnilux Contour™ FACE is the latest addition to the Omnilux family of LED Light Therapy products. The Contour FACE enables professional-grade treatments in the clinic and at home. Based on the same high quality medical-grade LED technology that you’ve come to expect from Omnilux, the Contour FACE is a sleek, affordable, easy-to-use new design that contours perfectly to each client.


Omnilux Contour FACE is cleared by the FDA for medical indications – the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles – and utilizes both red and infrared wavelengths of light, producing maximum results for which Omnilux is known and valued worldwide.

Omnilux Hydrogel Mask

An excellent complement to the Omnilux Contour LED light therapy treatment, the Hydrogel Mask is designed to enhance the phototherapy experience as well as results. The specifically formulated Hydrogel Mask is designed to maximize light penetration into the dermis, while simultaneously cooling, firming, hydrating, and nourishing the skin.

Why Use
Omnilux Contour

Clinical studies demonstrate exceptional client satisfaction and impressive visible results
Two wavelengths of LED light – red (633nm) and infrared (830nm) – are delivered in a single treatment session to provide the full rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits of both proven wavelengths.
The Omnilux Contour FACE’s flexible design enables an easy and comfortable fit for every client.
No large capital equipment needed; easily integrates into your treatment offerings and can be sold by professionals directly to clients for home use, offering an attractive new business opportunity.
The perfect activation device for cosmetic PDT applications.
Omnilux Contour FACE is the first and ONLY flexible home use device which is clinically proven to deliver the correct wavelengths and energy to promote global skin health.
The perfect adjunct to any skin care treatment offerings, enhancing results and revenue. The combination of 633nm & 830nm LED is clinically proven to reduce downtime by up to 50% when combined with more aggressive techniques such as microneedling, IPL & peels.
Omnilux Contour FACE is FDA cleared for medical indications and backed by many years of Omnilux experience and published studies.
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Customer Experience Survey

Source: Clinical Study results, iSmart Development LTD, Birmingham, UK

Visible reduction in skin redness and pigmentation

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Contour FACE Treatment After Image


Source: Clinical Study results, iSmart Development LTD, Birmingham, UK